Formed in 2014, Direct Selling Empowers Americans serves as a platform for direct sellers everywhere to have their voices heard by elected officials. Every day, every year, the direct sales channel empowers over 20 million Americans to create a better life for themselves, their families, their friends and community. Direct Selling Empowers Americans’ efforts are focused on continuing to enable those 20 million members of the field salesforce to run their businesses – micro-enterprises – free from government constraints. Direct Selling Empowers Americans supports those legislators who themselves work hard to uphold the values and legislative agenda that enables our field members to continue to create better lives.

Direct Selling Empowers Americans is a super PAC associated with the Direct Selling Association, the national trade association representing companies that sell their products and services through independent contractors through personal presentation and demonstration, usually in the home. These direct selling companies, with over 20 million individual American direct sellers, include some of the nation’s most well-known brands. Our industry generates over $36 billion each year in domestic sales and $183 billion in worldwide sales.

Who are Direct Sellers?

The independent contractor salesperson is the cornerstone of the direct selling industry. Manufacturers and distributors of goods intended for sale primarily in the home use independent contractors as the main means of marketing their products. These salespeople—who work as much or as little as they choose and whose success depends on their own performance and effort—are the reason direct selling companies have been so successful in expanding their markets.

The independence of the direct seller has been critical to the sales channel’s success and has allowed direct selling to provide income-earning opportunities for over 20 million Americans.